Gary Richetelli: Commercial Real Estate Professional


Gary Richetelli has been a leader in the field of Connecticut commercial real estate for over forty years. In the last four decades, Gary has forged long-lasting relationships with landlords, tenants, and real estate investors of all sizes. Gary believes that real estate success is not only about having expertise in many areas of the real estate business, but also getting to the core of his clients’ needs.

Operating mostly on New Haven Country and the Route 1 Corridor between Milford and New Haven, Gary is one of the most experienced commercial real estate professionals in the state of Connecticut. Besides his real estate business, Gary Richetelli is also heavily involved in his community.

Gary Richetelli in Commercial Development:

Gary Richetelli is currently the President of Commercial Development Company where he has served since Autumn of 2005. He is at the forefront of the company’s management and development projects throughout Connecticut.

Commercial Development Company is a full-service real estate, investment, and development company located in Orange, Connecticut. CDC emphasizes maximizing growth potential by providing clients with knowledge and management skills needed to run a successful business. As a modern leader in the real estate industry, CDC takes pride in providing a wide arrange of commercial real estate investment, leasing, property management and asset management solutions, which includes consultations, project construction management, and financing preparations. Throughout the years, CDC has built strong relationships with all of their clients, including bankers and investors that have helped expand their work in every phase of the world of real estate.

Commercial Development Skills: Company is privately held and contains a portfolio of more than fifty choice properties throughout all of New England. They total more than one million square feet and are still growing exponentially.

More of Gary Richetelli’s involvement with Commercial Development Company includes maintaining extensive ties with statewide and wall street lenders in order to facilitate particular aspects of lending for certain categories of investment property under strict parameters.

Gary Richetelli’s Skills:

Gary has a wide breadth of skills in real estate development, management, and finance which include:

  • Entitlements
  • Construction (Residential and Commercial)
  • Mortgage Origination, placement, and underwriting
  • Construction management and consultation
  • Realtor and Broker for over 30 years
  • Private Placements, joint ventures, and private equity
  • Residential, commercial real estate design and development
  • Commercial Real Estate Sales, Leasing, and Management

Gary Richetelli’s Education:

Richetelli has an extensive educational background with multiple degrees. He received his Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of Bridgeport in 1969, immediately followed by his Masters Degree in Business Administration and Finance from the University of New Haven in 1972.

Later, Gary earned his Investment Property Analysis certificate also from the University of New Haven.

Gary Richetelli’s Previous Work Experience:

Gary Richetelli has held many upper-level positions in various companies regarding commercial real estate development. In 1978, he served as the President of Colonial Properties for fourteen years. Colonial Properties is a company he developed as a leader in Commercial and Investment Real Estate. The company continues to excel under the direction of his son, Michael Richetelli.

After leaving Colonial Properties, Gary worked as the Principal for Guardian Management Company for ten years in Orange, Connecticut, another company he built as a premier Commercial Real Estate Investment and Management Company.

Gary Richetelli then worked as the President of Oceanside Development Associates from 2003-2005, another company he developed to serve the purpose of helping clients with commercial real estate development and management.

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RealAtom is among the most interesting of the bunch. The D.C.-based startup (technically headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, but same difference) is democratizing the arcane and often frustrating process by which commercial real estate developers find and close on financing.

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