In The Community

Gary Richetelli: In the Community

Outside of his activities in the real estate realm, Gary is very active in his local community. He takes pride in being involved with various local organizations that have strong ethical foundations.

Gary Richetelli and the Walter Camp Football Foundation:

Gary is involved with the Walter Camp Football Foundation which carries on Walter Camp’s legacy. Walter Camp is traditionally known as the father of modern American football. In 1889, Camp chose the first ever All-America team. In 1967 the WCFF was constituted to carry on Camp’s tradition of selecting outstanding college football players, but more importantly to spread the values of character, sportsmanship, and fair play.  By both ensuring that the oldest All-America College Football Team is perpetuated and by donating financial support to various charities and youth organizations, the Walter Camp Football Foundation is a long-standing, important organization to be part of.

The Foundation is intent upon taking strides toward increasing its recognition across the nation. WCFF’s key product is characterized by rich tradition and excellence. It is attractive to and recognizable by a broad cross section of individuals throughout American society; from youths through college age and features a strong following from young adults through senior citizens.

Gary Richetelli and the Amity Club of New Haven:

Gary Richetelli has also been involved in the Amity Club of New Haven. The Amity Club seeks to promote intellectual, civic, and charitable pursuits in the New Haven Community. The club encourages its members to take on service-oriented projects and emphasize humanitarian virtues in an everyday setting.  Its mission is to uphold and encourage those in the business and professional community to be held to the highest ethical standards.

With an emphasis on humanitarian virtues, the Amity Club seeks to inspire their members to give back to their community on a daily basis. The organization directs most of its resources to scholarships for promising academic stars in New Haven and the surrounding area.  Throughout the year, the Amity Club holds a multitude of events to help raise money for its scholarship funds and various charitable foundations within the community.

Gary Richetelli enjoys spending his free time working with these and other organizations in his community. He believes that giving back to the community is an important part of being a good person. In addition, Gary is an avid sports car enthusiast, cross country skier, and worldly traveler.