Why You Should Move to New Haven

Situated between two of the East Coast’s most prominent cities, New York and Boston, New Haven flourishes in assets from both (think mouth-watering pizza and New England beaches). With a multitude of businesses and attractions, New Haven is becoming a desired area for both homeowners and companies alike. Here’s a list of some of the many reasons as to why New Haven is the new hype:

First, as New York is home to Columbia University and Boston is home to Harvard, New Haven’s beloved ivy-league school is none other than Yale University, which holds not only the largest University-owned football stadium in the nation, but supplies various events for students and locals to enjoy all year-round. The Yale Bowl is the University’s enormous football stadium, which hosts the infamous Harvard-Yale game annually.

In addition, Yale owns the oldest college art museum in the United States. According to an article published by Movoto Insider, “The gallery holds 200,000 pieces of art ranging from ancient times to the present day and representing art from all over the world. Plus, it’s free to the public, making this art-going experience all the more enjoyable,” (Zane, 30 Things to Know About New Haven).

The Shubert Theater is one of New Haven’s landmarks, and attracts musicians, dancers, and artists from all kinds of backgrounds. From The Pixies to the Nutcracker Ballet, there is a show for everyone, no matter how old you are. But, make sure you keep track of the show you want to see, because tickets sell fast! People from all around New England and New York travel to the Shubert Theater, not only for the performances, but to get a glimpse at the impeccably decorated interior and exterior of the theater itself.

New Haven’s pizza scene is another attraction that lures people into the city. Widely known Frank Pepe’s, Modern Apizza, and Sally’s are three of New Haven’s, and New England’s, best spots to grab a slice. But, as they say in New Haven, “apizza” has been perfected all throughout the growing city.

Lastly, New Haven is home to Five Mile Point Lighthouse, also known as New Haven Harbor Lighthouse, “a picturesque lighthouse in New Haven on the harbor entrance to Long Island Sound, five miles from Downtown,” (Zane, 30 Things to Know About New Haven). This five mile beach strip allows people to enjoy all aspects of the beach without being too far from the city. So if it’s a beautiful day after work, change your clothes and go for an enjoyable jog along the coast – you can even bring your dog!

For further information on more of New Haven’s best attractions, read this article published by Movoto Insider, you won’t think twice about where you’ll move next.

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