How to Sell Your Home Faster

Although when most people think of real estate, they think “location,” it’s important to note that location and pricing aren’t the only factors that go into successful real estate endeavors. There are many smaller-scale, unique factors that aid in selling your property more quickly that most people overlook. Let’s take a look at a few good ways to plan and sell your home at a better price so that it can get off the market as fast as possible:

First, know the best time to list. Spring is usually the go-to season in the real estate market, but spring is also a very general term with a wide range of months. So how can you know exactly when to put your house on the market? According to an article published by CNBC:

“‘In every market, there’s this sweet spot,’ said Humphries, who is also the chief economist at Aim to list after the first wave of sellers in January and February, and before the influx of buyers in April and May, which will mean your listing pops up when most buyers are starting their hunt, boosting the average sale price by 2 percent. Nationally, that timing works out to the last two weeks of March, he said, or maybe a little later for cold-weather locales,” (Grant, The ‘Unique’ Reason Your Home is Still on the Market).

It is important to look at trends in the current market before you put your house up for sale, because just a few weeks too soon or too late could hurt the final results.